Take colour artistry to a whole new level with Pravana's ammonia free demi permanent Colorlush range! The next era of demi-permanent hair gloss is here! ColorLush creates the most beautiful and gentle hair colour experience imaginable. Free of both ammonia and MEA, ColorLush improves the integrity of hair, leaving it feeling healthier, while imparting a glass-like shine. ColorLush offers 27 luscious shades to create infinite colour possibilities limited only by one's imagination.

ColorLush is a no-lift, true demi-colour to create dynamic colour, blend grey or serve as a colour refresher or glaze, colour back or tint back. ColorLush's low pH formula, combined with its exclusive Omega-9 Oil Delivery Complex, work synergistically to infuse hair with plush colour and nourishment, taking high-shine and multi-dimensional colour to an entirely new level.

When to use ColorLush?

  • Ammonia-free and MEA free is desired
  • Quick and simple colour-refreshing over faded ends
  • When the integrity of the hair is compromised
  • Tinting hair back to natural
  • Colouring between foils
  • Client is sensitive to ammonia-based colour
  • When quick application and process is desired